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Hi folks,

My name is Lawrence (Laurent actually, but I say Lawrence in English) and I love projects; from fine woodworking to rough framing and all types of finishing carpentry.


I've been a freelance carpenter with my own registered company since 2015, and certified home inspector since 2019. Before that, I was a property manager/caretaker from 2009-2019, and I've been renovating homes since I bought my first one in 2004. I also managed a local door shop for a couple years and have dabbled in a range of woodworking projects. I'm well equipped with tools, and am lucky enough to have a decent workshop on my own property. I'm passionate about what I do and every project gets my full attention. I take pride and ownership in my work and enjoy building relationships with my clients. I always return phone calls and follow-up with inquiries. For bigger jobs or more time sensitive ones, I also work with other professionals in the area. 

I've done a lot of things over the years, but my favourite projects are always the creative ones. I love helping clients turn their ideas into reality, whatever they may be, and being part of the creative process. 

That said, I also truly appreciate just being able to contribute some joy and beauty to people's daily lives, any way I can. Sometimes it's not a 'big' project per se, but a bunch of little things that make a big difference.  

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