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Ahh, the fine art of food carpentry...

OK, OK, this page has nothing to do with my work. I don't 'build' food (though I do build gardens!), but in our spare time, my wife and I are subsistence gardeners.

I've always been quite passionate about food and food systems. I also love details and data. Occasionally, when my thirst for specific information goes unquenched, my inquisitive nature gets the best of me and pushes me to investigate matters for myself. When this happens, I then write about my process and results in order to share them with the rest of the world.

This page is dedicated to these inquiries. While they don't have much to do with my work, I wanted to give these documents an online home for people to access them, so please forgive the intrusion. Feel free to download the files and share them with whomever you wish, should you find them interesting. 


Actually, check out my new gardening website!

Gardening with mushrooms

This article is an introduction to mushrooms and their uses in the garden, with a closer look at one specific species: the Garden Giant. Anyone who enjoys gardening will find something of interest in here and will surely be tempted to start growing mushrooms as well. It includes many cool pictures and even an exclusive nutritional analysis chart. 

This article was published nationally across various media platforms in 2023. 

"Do you really save money by having a garden?"

This document is an investigation into the economics of growing your own produce. It is an analysis of all the data we accumulated in 2021 for our hobby farm. It includes specific details about our labour, cost inputs and harvests for the whole year. It's an interesting insight into subsistence gardening, in a cold climate, using our own situation as a case study. The results might surprise you! *Click on the second icon for the French version of the same report.

This report received widespread publication in 2022 across all media platforms, including TV.

"Is bone broth actually high in minerals?" part 1

This document is an investigation into the nutritional composition of bone broth. I prepared several batches of it using different techniques, and sent samples to a professional lab for analysis. I had them analyzed for full mineral profiles, as well as nitrogen (protein content). The results were fascinating and highly informative. My findings have since been corroborated by the likes of Sally Fallon and Kaayla Daniels PhD, CCN, but to this day it is still the only such nutritional information on bone broth available anywhere.


This article has seen broad international readership. It has been referenced, quoted and translated in several different languages around the world.

"Is bone broth actually high in minerals?" part 2

This is the appendix to the article in part 1. It is an easy-to-reference table of all the lab results, side-by-side, including a 100g serving of raw kale for nutritional comparison.

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